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Youth of the Year

The Youth of the Year is the BGCGH's premier youth recognition program that promotes and celebrates member's service to our Club and community, their academic performance, moral character, life goals, and public speaking skills. Each year we're honored to present our Club's 'shining stars' in competition for the privilege of representing the Club and competing for state, regional, and national scholarships. The "Youth of the Year" program provides an opportunity for the nominees to complete an extensive application process, interview with community members, and present their life and Club journey in front of friends and family at our free annual event!
Congratulations to our 2017 Youth of the Year, Immanuel Garza!

Immanuel joined the Club in 2013.  He is a junior at Holland High School where he plays on the Varsity Basketball team and is a photographer for the school yearbook.

As a Club member, Immanuel participates in the Club's basketball team and service opportunities.  He is known for standing up for what is right, supporting others and speaking with humility, characteristics that demonstrate why he was recognized with the Character Award for Courage by the West Michigan Character Council. 

Immanuel's vision for youth is to balance the addictive nature of social media while building healthy real relationships with others.

After graduation, Immanuel hopes to attend Michigan State University and study Business Management.
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