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We will "inspire and empower all young people, especially those who need us most, to realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens."

Our youth, staff, and board thank you for seeing opportunity in all the challenges our community's children face. You've partnered with our Club to provide the resources that help our members overcome the obstacles in their lives and discover their purpose. Together, we're taking the 'lid' off their potential and helping them "BE GREAT!" 

While our kids face significant challenges succeeding academically and growing into responsible adults, you've allowed us to be here each day for "those who need us most." Our caring staff, supports their academic progress, connects with each child through meaningful mentorship, and provides safe and fun structured activity to keep them 'in motion'. Our programs make connections to new friends; and reinforce a sense of belonging, personal accountability, civility, and civic responsibility. 

When we help a third grader read, that child is six times more likely to graduate on time. When we help a youth graduate from high school, they're three times as likely to be employed. 85% of our area's future jobs will need advanced skills and training beyond high school. Our efforts prepare our youth to pursue these life changing opportunities. Our members may not know it yet, but they are our future and will have a positive impact on our community!

Craig Spoelhof 
Executive Director
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