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Healthy Lifestyles


Our healthy lifestyles programs help youth engage in positive behaviors that nurture their well-being. Club members learn how to manage stress, demonstrate good teamwork, eat right, and keep physically fit.  Here are a handful of programs that highlight healthy lifestyles in the Club: 

Kids in Motion

This fun program is filled with sports and recreation activities for members 1st through 4th grade. The program is led by a group of Grand Valley State University students who encourage our elementary members to live healthy by being active and building healthy habits.

The League

The League is an intramural sports and recreation program. This program is active throughout the school year for our Junior and Teen members. The League offers flag football in the fall, dodgeball in the winter, and kickball in the spring. The League encourages members to be active after school, plus encourages participants to focus on sportsmanship and teamwork.

Smart Girls & Smart Boys

The purpose of SMART Girls & SMART Boys is to inspire healthy attitudes and lifestyles.  Each group meets separately and is a time and place for members to participate in talks and activities about emotional changes and developing positive relationships. The program is designed for 5th, 6th, and 7th graders, and guided by trained and professional staff members.

The Garden

During the spring , summer, and early fall, our Club members from 4th through 7th grade meet three to four times a week to maintain two small gardens located at the Club’s South Side facility. These members are responsible for watering, weeding and harvesting, as well deciding what to do with the produce. A portion of the produce is offered to our Club families to take home for free. This healthy living program teaches basic work ethic and patience. On top of that members will use a portion of the harvest to learn how to prepare and cook healthy meals.

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